Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners – Kickstart To Your Youtube Careers In 2022

Youtube has become a great platform for gaining fame, promotion, and money during the last few years, especially after the coronavirus outburst. 

Many people want to try uploading videos on this platform, but they usually get stuck at the first step – choosing a topic. Which type of content should you focus on? What are the topics that could help you gain views and attention? 

Don’t worry, let us suggest some Youtube video ideas for beginners. Let’s start!

Best Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners

What is a talking head? In short, it is a video that centers on a single person talking about a specific topic. Typically, that person will be an expert in a matter, and they appear before a camera to talk about that subject for educational purposes. 

Compared to other types of videos on Youtube, talking head is ideal for beginner Youtubers because it is cost-effective, educative, and visually engaging. You just need a camera, and a good audio recorder, then you can kickstart your Youtube career.

“Vlogs seem not to be an interesting topic. Who cares about another person living a polar opposite life to theirs? Just living their life is busy enough.” – that is a popular thought. However, it is wrong. 

People always have some curiosity about the world around them. For the young generation, they are even more willing to learn about the lives of people who live in a polar opposite environment. Young Internet users love watching the “Vlogs” video, especially the videos of people who live in a rarely-described-on-the-mainstream-media environment. So, if you want to broadcast your life to other youngsters worldwide, and have enough equipment for that, consider recording a Vlog.

“Faceless” video is a wide spectrum. There is no limit to this type of video. Sometimes, it can be a Vlog, a review, a comedy skit, or anything else. The main point is that you won’t show off at all throughout the video. For introverted, shy people, this is the ideal choice for them!

However, you need to understand one point: people love visual illustration. So, if you don’t show your face, you already have one disadvantage compared to those who show up a lot (and look beautiful). Thus, you must think of one USP (unique selling point) of your videos in order to keep your viewers. 

Tutorials have also gained more and more attention recently after people are locked down in their houses due to the Coronavirus outburst. Before the lockdown, it was easy to get the services or purchase a product that you wanted, but now, it is impossible to travel around to get it. That is when many people realize the need for DIY (do it yourself) skills. Additionally, many people take it as a new pastime for them. 

As a result, when they are alone at home and need to produce things themselves, there will be a need to find guidance. Now, it’s time they search for tutorial posts and videos to help. However, videos are much preferred among the two types because it is more lively and easier to understand and imitate. 

So, do you have any special skill sets that you think you can teach others and the community may need to learn also? Start making tutorials for it, and people will search for your videos!

Lists are another good choice for beginner YouTubers. In fact, this type of video does not require you to show off your face or even voice. What you need is a list of top choices for a specific topic, ideas of how to describe that list in a not-so-boring way, and a video editing program.

Besides, there has been a rising demand for “Lists” or “Top 10” or “Best X for Y” videos recently. Just type a random keyword with “top 10” or “best X for Y” on Youtube, and you can see there are many videos with super high views.

Reaction videos are not new at all to the Youtube community. However, reaction videos have recently become a new trend after the virus outburst. It seems that the longer people have to stay at home, the lonelier they feel. That being said, they enjoy the feeling that they have somebody else watching the content with them, sharing their opinions about the content so that they can feel accompanied. And that is what reaction videos do. 

Thus, more and more people search for reaction videos, and people who make these videos also gain more and more views in a short period. 

However, the reaction videos are not difficult to produce at all. You just need an audio recorder and a camera to record your reaction throughout watching. That’s it. You have enough materials for one Youtube video.

With the fast development of e-commerce, more and more people enjoy shopping online than offline. Thus, the demand to search for product reviews is also higher than in the past. 

However, between reading review posts, people enjoy watching review videos better because it seems more “genuine,” and they also have more visual proof of experiencing the product. That is why you should consider making review videos for your Youtube channel.

Is it difficult to produce a review video? In our opinion, it is not very complicated, but you do need careful research and preparation. When you review a product, you are shaping the general perspective of that thing on others’ minds, which can influence the product’s sales. So, you should be careful when choosing your word.

You may think, “Am I wrong? The interview is a good video type to start a Youtube career?” – I am not wrong. In fact, an interview video is quite simpler to make than you can imagine. You should prepare a question or topic to discuss and a partner to record video and audio for you to start an interview video. 

Then, you go down the street, ask people to join in your interview, ask questions, and record their answers. Next, you combine those shots into a video. That’s it. You can do it as a beginner producer, don’t worry.

Final Thoughts

There are top 8 youtube video ideas for beginners that you could consider. Have you found your favorite options yet? Do you have any other questions or ideas? Feel free to leave your comment below!

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